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Jesus Gallegos

Pastor and Director of The Rock Ministries

I thank God everyday for the chance to share the blessings he has given me with others.  

I truly believe that Jesus has called us all to go into the world and make disciples. Matthew 28:19-20

That is the vision of The Rock Ministries – to GO to the streets and make Jesus known to a lost world. To pray for others and lead them to Christ and save them from addiction. When a man comes into our home, we teach them how to live a new life with God. When they are ready God leads them out – back to their family, to work, or even to another city to open up their own Home.

“It’s not our responsibility to convince men to do full-time ministry, but to lead them to God’s destiny for their life.”  Jose Gonzalez, pastor Victory Chicago

My Story

My name is Jesus Gallegos from Salinas, California. I was a heroine/drug addict and gang banger/criminal organization member. I spent many years in prison and a lot of it in isolation units, severing my relationships with my friends, family and my kids. Nobody could reach me; I had accepted that I was going to die like that.

In 2012 I found myself in San Antonio hooked on heroine and figured I was going to go to prison in Texas, because that’s the only way I knew how to end my runs. But something happened that year. My baby sister was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer – she was dying. I went to the hospice unit and watcher her take her last breath. I felt no pain, no sadness, no remorse, nothing. I realized that I was dying also – l felt no love, no happiness, no sadness – I felt nothing. And suddenly I realized I didn’t like what I had become. When I got back to my room in San Antonio, I cried out to God asking Him to change me.

Hooked on heroine, methadone, opioids, alcohol, he led me to a faith-based men’s home. I experienced no withdrawals; I didn’t understand. But today I know God touched me and spared me from that sickness. Today, looking back I know that the devil and the world were trying hard to kill me and almost succeeded. But I also know that Jesus Christ had different plans for me. God trained me in that home for 8 years, teaching, preaching, and reaching the lost. He showed me my real self and exposed me to His love.

Today I’m blessed with the privilege of being Pastor Jesus Gallegos and so thankful that I am able to do what He called me to do – open a home in Denver, Colorado. A home where men can get off and stay off drugs and alcohol; where they can develop a firm relationship with Jesus Christ; where they can go on to do whatever God calls for them to do with a true sense of direction and share it with others – The Rock Ministries.

Launching The Rock Ministries

A few years ago God placed in my heart the vision to launch The Rock Ministries and to bring hope and God’s Word to the streets of Denver. In spring of 2020 after several years of planning and with the assistance of  Victory Chicago Ministry, I came to Denver with 3 other men to launch The Rock Ministries. We began our ministry in May of 2020. 

Our future vision is to build and open a Women’s Home next door within 5 years. 

Senior Leaders of The Rock Ministries

At 12 years old, I was already doing Crystal Meth…

My name is Paul. I am 26 and from Lubbock TX. I was introduced to crystal meth at the age of 12. After that I followed in the footsteps of my father and was in and out of jail. At 17, I was charged and convicted of felony possession of a controlled substance and served 4 years in prison.
Three years ago, I robbed a woman and she had her friends get revenge. They beat me and left me for dead on the side of the road. This was an eye-opening moment for me.

After I recovered, I was taken to a Men’s Home where Jesus Christ saved me. He sent me to the Victory Chicago where I met Jesus Gallegos. God delivered me and has given me a vision to help build The Rock Ministries in Denver and then someday open a Men’s Home of my own.
At 16, I was homeless, stealing cars and doing drugs…

My name is Justin and I am 35 years old. My parents divorced at a young age because of drugs. My mom became an addict and married an addict. I was arrested for marijuana I was 16. 

Homeless, I lived from couch to couch; constantly partying. I was looking for whatever thrill I could find – stealing cars, burglary and drugs. 

At 20, I did Meth for the first time – with my mom. I knew I would die or go to prison, so I joined the Army. I excelled and was promoted quickly; serving 2 overseas tours and doing 15 months in combat.

I redeployed and immediately started getting in trouble for drinking.  I got high on meth and went AWOL for a year – strung out on meth and dealing. I was dishonorably discharged and except for my mom, my family pretty much disowned me. My mom and I continued to use meth together for about 4 years.  

We moved back to Fort Worth where my mom left me in a motel with no money and an unpaid bill. I had no clue what I was going to do or where I was going so just took off walking. At a gas station, I ran into some guys selling banana bread. They began to tell me about Jesus and invited me into the Men’s Home. That’s where Jesus became real to me. 

I know Jesus saved my life, He showed me I am worth saving and dying for.  Today I have rebuilt my relationship with my Father and now I’m here in Denver, CO helping to reach the lost for Jesus.


By 16, I was a heroin addict and I injected every day...

I became addicted to pain pills and anti-depressants at the age of 12. I grew up in a broken home with  verbally and physically abusive dad. My parents divorced when I was 2 and I was raised by my single mother who was more of friend than a mother. We were very poor, and I grew up quick.  At 14, I was working under the table to help support me and my mother. I was smoking a pack of cigarettes and marijuana every day.

Then, my so called “friends” introduced me to the pill world and I was stuck – I had found peace (or so I thought…). From then on it was a spiral into darkness. I quit helping my mom and used every bit of money I made to get dope.

By 16, I was a heroin addict and injected every day for the next four years. Going to jail multiple times didn’t stop me; losing my car, my apartment, my job, girlfriends and even overdosing didn’t stop me. Even my family’s tears didn’t keep a needle out of my veins… BUT ONE DAY I had a head-on collision with Gods Love when I was introduced to the men’s home in Ft Worth, TX.  

For 3 years I served as a dorm leader, evangelism leader and fundraising leader. I became head of administration and in-take and even taught the Word of God! I moved to Chicago to help open a men’s home there and served as a teacher in the children’s church.

Now, I have the privilege of helping to open The Rock Ministries in Denver; working to save those lost to addiction like me. Jesus Christ has become REAL to me and I have so much peace, love & joy!!

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